My Work


Life is change


I leave the transience of things with transforming discovery. In my studio in Essen-Kettwig, new life is create from objects whose lifespan has ended. With my objects, I rely on the ubiquitous process of change from the past and create new forms.


I transform everyday objects, furniture and paper into a new existence. This tribute to the objects created is in harmony with their original purpose.


In my work, I use a wide range of crafts skills, which permit an intensive examination with the object which influences the artistic process. The transformation results in new challenging design forms, usually recognizable fun loving shapes.


The world s ecology is a fragile place. With my artistic work, I strive to create art which is in accord with our sensitive planet.


Kamihimo, traditional Japanese paper and the inherent Japanese spirit has inspired me recently do conduct experimental work in my studio. These Japanese materials have proven perfect an artist medium conducive with ecological, biological standards and my personal philosophy.